There´s an app for almost anything you might need as a student in Uppsala.
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Must have apps for an Uppsala Student

Looking for information about public transport or a nice place to have a cheap Friday beer? Here are some essential free apps that you can download to make life as a student in Uppsala easier.

Uppsala student specific

Nationsguiden (or is an app to get all the information about everything that is going on in the Uppsala student nation scene, from cafes to pubs to clubs and gasques. Sometimes the app doesn´ t work properly (at least on my phone) so alternatively you can always access all this information from an internet browser by following the link.

Mecenat App: Mecenat is the company that issues all Swedish university students with a student card and in Uppsala also with a nation card. The app allows you to find discounts for students that you are entitled to, but most importantly allows you to have a valid digital nation card that you can show the person at the door together with your normal ID. Unfortunately the app is only available in Swedish but for the purpose of setting it up and finding the student card it´ s fairly easy. To set it up you need the code which is in the letter, sent nbsp;with your card. If you have lost it, try contacting them either via the form on their website nbsp; nbsp;or by chatting to them via social Facebook. nbsp;

UL (Upplands lokaltrafik) is the app in which you can find all the information about public transport timetables and bus routes in Uppsala and the surrounding areas. You can also connect a debit or credit card to the account and buy tickets from the app (providing you have an internet connection).The price is 22 kronor for local bus journeys as opposed to 35 kronor if you pay by card on the bus. nbsp;


Transport for all over Sweden nbsp;

SJ the app of Swedish National rail which gives you the timetables of all trains in Sweden often including buses to integrate your journey. Create yourself a profile on the SJ website and start earning points each time you travel. Also you can have your details saved and buy train tickets directly from there nbsp;

Taxi Kurir is a taxi firm which has taxis in all major Swedish cities. You can download the app and get quotes for journeys and if you create a profile and connect it to a debit or credit card, you can also pay for your ride directly via the app which saves you money compared to paying in the car. Also available in English nbsp;


For practicing your Swedish language skills

Both these apps can be used on a internet browser from a PC or tablet .You create a profile with a username and password and can login from more than one device to the app and use it. The best part is that they are free of charge, easy to use and fairly fun.

Duolingo. Probably the most famous language learning app worldwide offers you a fun and easy way to learn new words in Swedish. nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;

Memrise: even better than Duolingo, in my point of view, Memrise allows you to learn useful sentences in Swedish which is more advanced than Duolingo and more useful on a day to day basis. nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;

Google translate: really useful as you can copy and paste long texts into it and it will translate in a matter of seconds from Swedish into English (or any other language really). nbsp;


Saving money

A really good website which has also a free app available for download is Pricerunner. It is available for several countries but it is useful for comparing prices for a certain product in many shops both on the highstreet and online.


ResQ Club is an app that aims to reduce food spoilage at restaurants and cafés. When you download the app you are able to see which food establishments in your vicinity that have leftover food they are planning to throw away, that you can buy for half of the original price A great way to save both the planet and your lean student piggy bank.



Sweden is a stalker s paradise as the laws that regulate the right to public information are much stronger than the privacy protection laws. If you know someone s name and surname you can find out the address where they live, who they live with, their date of birth, their mainline and mobile number and even how much they earn There are several websites and apps that allow you to gain this information for free. Among the most popular ones are and so if you have a telephone number you can find out who it belongs to and viceversa.

Can you think of any other really good apps that you think people should know about? Send us an email with the details and the link to the website to:



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