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Of the people Ergo have contacted, none have had payment issues with other nations they have worked at.
Foto: Sandra Gunnarsson

”It makes me feel like a beggar”

No payslip, delayed payment or not receiving any payment at all – several people have testified to Ergo about the subpar payment system for workers at Uplands nation of last semester, but the nation themselves are yet to give their version of events.

In August, Ergo receives a tip that a number of people who worked at Uplands nation last semester received their salary several months too late. Screen shots from a Facebook group testified to the fact that many had not been paid for their shifts at the nation since May and many had, without success, contacted the nation’s curators asking for their salary. Ergo contacted a few of the people who seemed to be affected by this.
All of those who replied confirmed that they had experienced some sort of issue with getting their payment from Uplands last semester. The issues ranging from small delays or not getting a payslip, to not receiving their salary at all, despite repeated emails or visits to the curators’ office. Many express frustration and explicitly ask Ergo to help them get their salary as they have no one else to turn to. Below, we have anonymously summarised the stories of the Uplands workers who replied to our questions.

Ergo contacted the 2q of Uplands, who is in charge of the nation’s economy, to get the nation’s views on these issues. He informs us that the 1q is in charge of media contact and declines an interview. Ergo has made repeated attempts to contact the 1q both through email and via telephone, but have not, by the time this paper is sent to the printer, received any reply.
We will do a follow-up when we get a statement from Uplands nation.



Stories from some workers:


”I got paid after a very long time. I contacted the 2q on two occasions but they didn’t reply to my emails. Their communication was so poor. I worked there in March and April, but didn’t get paid until the end of July.
When I’ve worked at other nations I’ve never had an issue with payment and the curators have been very helpful.”

“I got my payment after four or five months. Their payment system was horrible. I went to the 2q about eleven or twelve times to ask for my payment. The last time I asked him when I would get my money, he told med he would give it to me whenever he wished – what kind of behaviour is that? I have worked at four other nations and they have been good. I usually got my payment on time and if I didn’t, they fixed it immediately if I emailed them about it.”

“I have not personally faced huge problems. The payment for one of my shifts was a month delayed, it was sorted out after a couple of emails. But the payment method of Uplands nation is confusing – there is no email confirmation or payslip when you have worked a shift, which you usually get at the other nations. I know of at least 20 other people who have had problems with getting their money from Uplands.”

“I have worked at different nations in Uppsala since 2018 and they have all been really nice except for Uplands. They treat their staff very rudely, they don’t have any fixed pay dates, and they never reply to any emails. I went to the 2q more than six times before I finally got my salary three months after my shift. Every time I talked to him he told me ’tomorrow’, ’next week’, ’next Friday’, and so on.”

“I didn’t get my salary from Uplands on time. I visited the 2q about ten or eleven times and his behaviour was so bad. Once he told me that every time I would ask him about the money he would reply ‘I don’t know.’ I got my money after about three months. After that I’ve never worked there.”

"They treat their staff very rudely, they don’t have any fixed pay dates, and they never reply to any emails."

“I worked in the kitchen at Uplands nation in the beginning of this year. 12 hours in total. I signed their salary sheet but have still not received any payment. I emailed the 2q but never got a reply. After that I have not worked there any more. At the two other nations I’ve worked at I received my payment within a week.”

“I worked there a few shifts for a total of 20,5 hours in the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 and have still not received any payment. I have visited the curators’ office at least 14 or 15 times, and all they have told me is that I have to wait. But now I have lost my hope. I don’t go there any more, it makes me feel like a beggar. The three other nations I have worked at have been very cordial about matters of payment.
All senior students tell the juniors not to work at Uplands. This gives the nation a very bad reputation.”

“I got my money, but it took quite some time. I’ve only worked in the pub and I think most of those who have had trouble with payment have worked during rentals.”

“I haven’t experienced anything more than small delays in the payments. The 2q also gave me some papers I asked for including one with all the times I have worked and the money I got for it. I am familiar, though, with the payment problems they have had since last semester and I know that the new 1q and 3q are helping to fix this problem and everyone with a shift that wasn’t paid can email them to get their money. The issues from last semester will not occur this semester. Students should not be discouraged from working at Uplands.”

Have you experienced payment issues after working at Uplands or any other nation? Email us and let us know!

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