short story contest 2020
Painting by Félix Armand Heullant (1834–1905)

Short Story Contest 2020

The classmate whose mere existence drives you crazy for no apparent reason. The parent who calls you too often. The parent who doesn’t call you often enough. The friend that keeps blowing you off every time something more interesting comes along. The partner whose loving ways are slowly, but steadily smothering you. The corridor neighbour who breathes too loud. The disgusting person staring back at you through the mirror.

This year we want to read stories about the kind of relationships that don’t quite sit right with you. The annoying, challenging, stained relations that leave a bad taste in your mouth and keep you up at night. Drama, humor, horror, realism, surrealism – we don’t care what genre you choose for your short story, as long as it pertains to the theme of strained relationships.

Send us your entry to by Sunday 27th of September at the latest. Write “Short story contest” as the subject.

The winning short story will be published at in the Fall and be rewarded with a 2000 kronor gift voucher at Uppsala Bokhandel (Uppsala bookshop).


– The contestant must be a student at Uppsala University.
– The entry must be written in English or Swedish.
– The entry must be between 5 000 and 10 000 characters long, including blanks (spaces).
– The entry must not have been published in any other medium previous to the competition, including, for example, private blogs.
– Only one author per entry is allowed.
– The story must take place in Uppsala and pertain to the theme "strained relationships".


The contest is arranged in collaboration with Uppsala bokhandel




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