International students plead for reduced tuition fees

– I might spend an entire year in Uppsala without actually seeing the inside of a lecture hall, without getting one single day of the Uppsala student experience.
2020-12-21 12:12

Planting food for thought

A campus food farm is one of seven projects that was recently granted money by Uppsala university’s climate pot in an effort to reduce the university’s carbon footprint. Ergo...
2020-11-24 16:17

The Vice-Chancellor's decision: we will switch to distance teaching

Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson has decided that all teaching and assessment at Uppsala University will be carried out remotely, effective tomorrow, Wednesday.
2020-03-17 15:12

Summary: Uppsala University and the coronavirus

A lot has happened since the first case of the coronavirus was confirmed among Uppsala University’s students last Monday. We have summarised the events in English.
2020-03-16 14:19

Waiting for 72 500 kronor from Uppsala University

Mexican master s student Maria received a scholarship and was supposed to get the prepaid tuition fee of 72 500 kronor, reimbursed by Uppsala University. Three months later, she...
2019-03-19 10:41

From Church to Research

The University of Uppsala is the oldest in the Scandinavian peninsula as it was founded in 1477, even before Columbus

2017-04-20 17:05

The buddies will help you out

Moving to a new country can be difficult. But thanks to the Buddy Programme, new international students can get help when arriving to Sweden. Applying for a tax number, or...
2015-09-21 11:36