The Subjects of our Future Stories

In the life of a student there are endless encounters with new people. Classmates, teachers, colleagues, friends, friends of friends and those weird people who just seem to hang around at your student corridor. After many of the childhood friendships may have slowly dwindled away with separating paths, one of the many privileges provided by studying in university is the constant stream of new people into our lives. Whether you are an overly-energetic extrovert, an introvert who finds comfort in solitary or something in between, as a student you cannot avoid meeting people outside your personal bubble. These people just happen to be crucial for your future.

As millennials and 20-somethings, the years we live now are the years that will shape the rest of our lives. People who now come into our lives as Tinder-dates, classmates, flat mates and random acquaintances will most likely become our future spouses, exes, friends, colleagues, or at least the subjects of numerous stories. The intimate relationships created by family and relatives are already in our lives whether we want them or not, but as students we have a unique opportunity to figure out ourselves alongside people who inspire us, make us reconsider our opinions, and take us with them on wonderful adventures.
These are also the years we will look back to decades later with waves of nostalgia washing over us, these are the years when we make our most important mistakes and create our most consequential successes. There is of course a long road ahead of us after studying, but what we do at university will determine to a great extent which one it is. Too rarely do we stop to appreciate the fleeting moment when someone walks into our life for the first time, whether it be through sitting down next to you on a 10-hour plane ride, being assigned to the same student accommodation or choosing to study the same subject.

Not all of the people you find will stay in your life. Some of them are just passing by and heading in a totally different direction despite sharing a part of their journey with you. But still, every one of the people you meet leave something behind, whether it be a hint of hope for the world, some new perspective to consider or a realization of what you don’t want for yourself. Out of the small pieces and moments one step after another you form your own story. As everything else in this world, figuring out life and how to climb one more ladder is easier with awesome people pushing you forward.



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