Private photoIf the weather permits, there will be a bonfire in Flogsta on Friday night.

Pop-up bruised kitchen visiting Flogsta

Sustainable development is not only great for the environment, but also feeding hungry mouths. Bruised Food Club is hosting a soup kitchen where 100 percent of the food is rescued from local supermarkets.

Private photoMoll Maire and hr friend Paige collecting food for Friday night.

It´s a been busy days for Moll Maire and her friends. They are cycling around the city rescuing waste food before it ends up in bins.

– On Friday we hope to have a relaxing pop-up soup kitchen at Flogsta with a bonfire. If the weather doesn’t allow us to spend time outside we’ll move into one of the bike sheds. All food will be free of charge but we ask that you bring your own container and cutlery, says Mol Maire.

Bruised Food Club is a food waste project set up by five international students at Uppsala University last semester as a part of a course in Sustainable Development. They decided to keep their project going after the course.

– Our aim is to reduce food waste and and to raise awareness on the large problem of food waste in Uppsala. We do this by recusing food that will usually be thrown away by supermarkets, preparing and cooking it and serving it to the local community free of charge, says Mol Maire.

The team is growing and they hope to host more events throughout this semester. Free Food Flogsta will take place between building 6 and 7 on Sernanders väg or, if the weather lets us down, in the bike shed of block 2.